As you know, we are proud to offer the largest Cambria Countertop showroom in the midwest.  One of the things that we love about Cambria is their wide selection of color and design options.  Cambria countertops are available in more than 100 designs.  Color options range from calm neutrals to bright modern styles, creating enough variety for any aesthetic.  And, their color palette is ever changing.  New colors and designs are introduced each season to add fresh variety to their selection and to help keep the Cambria line in step with current countertop trends and aesthetics.  In addition to your color choice, Cambria also offers a variety of edge profiles.  As with other countertop materials, a choice of square, bull-nose or ogee edges are available (plus many more).

To further simplify your color selection, Cambria countertops has teamed with Benjamin Moore paint to take the guess work out of your project’s color palette.  Benjamin Moore’s design experts have paired four wall covering shades to every Cambria design, allowing you to easily match your countertop to a perfectly complementary paint color.  Check out the full selection of Cambria-Benjamin Moore color combinations at www.cambriausa.com/our-collection/color-palette/.

Need inspiration?  Visit the Cambria dream board and use their interactive design tool to see how your favorite Cambria countertop will look in your home kitchen.  The Cabinet Store is also proud to offer the lowest prices on Cambria Countertops.  Stop by our showroom to get an estimate on your next Cambria project.

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