A New Island Can Transform Your Kitchen!

One of our most requested projects is the installation or upgrade of a kitchen island.  And we can certainly understand why – a kitchen island can transform your space!  Here are some options to consider when planning your island project.

Purpose: One of the great things about kitchen islands is the many different needs that they can fulfill.  Is your house short on seating?  Create an island that has extra space for stools, so guests can pull up around the island for an additional casual eating space.  If you are lacking prep space in your kitchen, make your island a practical workspace with an extra prep sink.  Perhaps your kitchen is simply lacking visual separation.  If so, your island can be strategically placed to facilitate a traffic pattern or to create a central point that aesthetically breaks up the room.

Aesthetics:  In addition to the practical components of your kitchen island, you will also need to consider the aesthetics.  Kitchen cabinetry and countertops are available in a variety of materials, finishes, and color options.  When selecting your aesthetic, consider the current color and finish of your existing cabinets and countertops, the color and material of your flooring, and the primary color of your kitchen applications.  Islands can either match or complement the existing kitchen color palette, or can be designed to stand out as an exciting focal point.  To accomplish the latter, islands can be designed in a different wood grain or color than other existing cabinetry.

Customization Options: Kitchen islands are an exciting undertaking in that they can be customized in variety of ways to fit the needs of homeowners!  For example, if storage is in short supply in your kitchen, we can customize cabinet organization systems designed to fit your specific needs.  Pull out drawers, cabinet shelves, or even trash cans can be installed for easy access.

Are you ready to begin planning your kitchen island installation?  Our design services make the process easy to get underway!  Stop by our showroom today to get inspired and to begin working with one of our cabinet and countertop experts!

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