Cambria bathroom countertop Twin Cities MN

Sometimes it can be hard to discern why you should shop at a kitchen and bath specialty dealer as opposed to a big box home store when deciding what direction to take with your remodel project.  Yet there are several important factors to consider when making the choice.  Here are a few of the reasons we recommend kitchen and bath dealers:

They Have Focus: Unlike big box stores, which can tend towards the “the jack of all trades, master of none” mentality, kitchen and bath dealers have a specific focus.  They are experts at the cabinets, countertops, and related hardware that they sell.  Because this is all they sell and all they focus on, they are more cognizant of industry trends and the small details that can make or break your project.

Professional Service: Most kitchen and bath stores pride themselves on employing project professionals ready to help you make your room look its very best.  Their team members typically have long careers in the kitchen and bath industry and educational backgrounds centered on cabinetry and design.  Unlike big box department stores, which move employees from one department to the next, kitchen and bath dealer employees focus on one thing year around – cabinets, countertops, and related products!

Wider Array Of Options: Because the inventory of a kitchen and bath dealer does not need to compete with lawn and garden tools, grills, and paint chips, they have the widest array available.  They are also able to display a wider range of selections and styles in their showrooms, allowing you to see more merchandise in person than anywhere else.  In addition, they have greater access to a variety of custom options.  Looking for unique hardware or an unconventional finish?  Your kitchen and bath dealer is much more likely to be able to fulfill your request than the big box store.

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