Christmas is almost here!  We know you’ve been eyeing those new flat screen TVs in hopes that one will appear under the tree this Christmas — (we’re pretty sure it’s not going to fit in your stocking).

Or maybe you’re thinking about purchasing one yourself!  Perhaps you’ve already made the leap and brought a new flat screen TV into your home to enjoy as you entertain family and friends this holiday season.

Since your head is filled with the excitement of sugar cookies and holiday jingles, understandably you may not have thought about how that brand new TV will fit into your existing entertainment area.  But realistically electronics have changed drastically over recent years and your new system may not work within the layout you currently have.

  • Is your TV mounted and visible from a comfortable distance?
  • Do you have enough storage around your TV for the types of media you have now?
  • Can your TV easily access the outlets and keep electronic necessities well hidden and safely out of children’s reach?

We can help!  Here at The Cabinet Store we have a custom cabinet shop that can create the perfect fit for the entertainment area in your home.  We can create all new pieces, or even modify existing built-ins, based on your home’s needs.

Check out these beautiful examples of what we’ve done…  And may your TV and home entertainment time be “merry and bright” this holiday season!

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