Last week we established the amazing quality and beauty of Cambria countertops, and with 100 colors to choose from, they have a wide array of designs to suit any homeowner’s taste! Today we want to feature the Top 5 Selling Cambria colors here at The Cabinet Store. Enjoy!

  1. Windermere

    1_Windermere by Cambria

    Windermere by Cambria

  2. Bellingham

    2 Bellingham by Cambria

    Bellingham by Cambria

  3. Laneshaw

    3_Laneshaw by Cambria

    Laneshaw by Cambria

  4. Bradshaw

    4_Bradshaw by Cambria

    Bradshaw by Cambria

  5. Berkley

    5_Berkley by Cambria

    Berkley by Cambria

Want to see more?  Peak at all of the beautiful Cambria colors and then visit our Apple Valley showroom to see samples and chat about your upcoming kitchen remodel today!

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