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What to do when Cabin Fever sets in | Enjoy being IN your home

Right about now in Minnesota is when we all begin to get cabin fever.  The excitement of the holidays is over and winter begins to feel never ending.  We long to escape!  To get out of the house!  And yet, with the cold, snow, and ice, we spend much of this time of year inside.

But what if your house was the place of relaxation and entertainment you longed it to be?  What if staying home was more fun than going out?  What if you saved money on “escaping” and enjoyed your own home instead?

January is a great time to evaluate what can make your home more serene, more organized, more fun!  Whether you’re looking for small tips to perk up your house through the winter or need some major updates to create your dream home, we’ve got some ideas for you.

Instead of going out to eat – turn your kitchen into a place to entertain while cooking and conversing.

  • Make sure everything you need is reachable and easy to find.  Consider adding cabinets with organizational aspects and inserts.
  • Do you have enough countertop and surface space to prepare food and serve appetizers on at the same time?
  • Refresh your decorating!  Display a new recipe book to inspire and add ambiance.  Add new shelves to display that beautiful red blender or swap out your wall décor to make the room fresh and enticing
Cambria bathroom countertop Twin Cities MN
This thick countertop in Waverton makes a bold statement against the darker cabinetry.

Instead of going to the spa – turn your bathroom into a luxurious place to relax.

  • Treat yourself to some new towels!  Add a tray of soaps and some fresh flowers.
  • Paint the room a soothing green or refreshing aqua blue.
  • Create a shelf or cabinet area just for spa-at-home amenities like lotions and skincare products.

Instead of taking the family to a movie or on an outing – turn your basement into a home entertainment area.

  • Add a beautiful full bar or just a simple cabinet area and mini fridge stocked with popcorn, soda, and snacks.
  • Is your storage up to date with your life?  Reorganize the room so DVDs and video game systems are accessible but not visually distracting.
  • Add some movie posters or create a new theme for the room.

Theater style basementWhile we all need to get out once in a while, having a home that is well organized, visually refreshing, and filled with the people we love can make all the difference in enjoying the large amount of time we spend in it.

Ready to begin making your home into what you really want it to be?  Connect with us here at The Cabinet Store + Culina Design for storage, shelving, cabinetry, and countertop ideas as well as unbeatable service!

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