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Project Feature: Rosemount Home Entertaining Area | Basement Bar Cabinetry and Countertops

Do you have space in your home that is going un-used?  Or space that would be better used for dual purposes?  This family did.  Today we want to share the results of a project we did for a Rosemount family. These homeowners already had a finished basement, but found that they didn’t utilize the space well.  Other than as a play area for the kids, the large space wasn’t welcoming for entertaining.

Already happy with previous service they’d received from The Cabinet Store + Culina Design (laundry room cabinet storage!) they turned to us to help them give their basement a “grown-up feel.”  Though they already had a large TV and some sitting furniture, the room needed an entertaining area.

Here’s what we accomplished (see the photos below):

  • We designed two bar areas for them, using cabinetry from our Countryside Cabinetry line – affordable and attractive.
  • The cabinet doors are the Lancaster style in Birch with a Brownberry stain.
  • We used a combination of flat center panel doors and beaded center panel doors to jazz it up.
  • We also installed brand new Cambria (color Buckingham) on all the countertop surfaces.

The homeowners (and all their friends!) love the new basement.  And though it seems contrary, we’re not surprised that everyone tells them the room feels so much bigger even though we’ve added cabinetry and countertops to the space – if you use space well a room always seems more inviting.  Best of all, this family is finally making great use of their basement!

If you’re looking to make better use of your basement, considering a basement bar or entertaining area (for adults, or for the whole family!) can be a fun way to make your home more entertaining-friendly.  Come visit us here at The Cabinet Store + Culina Design to consider all of the amazing possibilities.

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