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Do You Have a Love / Hate Relationship with Your Kitchen?

Many of us have a love/hate relationship with our kitchen.  There may be things you love about how your kitchen functions (or maybe the only thing you enjoy is your trip to the fridge for that late night snack!) and there may be things that frustrate you every single day.

Whether you’re ready for a whole kitchen remodel or just want to make some partial changes so you can enjoy your kitchen to its fullest, look hard at what you love and hate.  Take a few days to focus on this and start yourself a love/hate kitchen list.  Naming the problems gets you one step closer to a real solution!  And that solution might not be as difficult, overwhelming, or expensive as you think.

-Maybe you appreciate your kitchen overall, but you want more counter space or a built in eating area.  Why not consider adding an island with storage and seating?  We can help you decide on cabinets that coordinate with what you already have and a countertop that contrasts or matches your current cabinetry.  Trends are leaning toward islands that have a look all of their own – why not make the space exciting and unique (and save the money of replacing the whole kitchen just so it will match).  Voila – more kitchen prep space and a breakfast nook all in one, without the time and expense of a complete remodel.

-Perhaps you like your cabinets, but they just don’t have the organizational aspects you need.  Maybe you need to add in some drawers or special feature cabinets?  Consider some of these ingeniously designed convenience cabinets from Showplace Wood Cabinetry.  Impressive!

-Maybe you love your cabinetry, but can’t stand the eye-sore countertops that were there when you moved in.  Why not consider refreshing your whole kitchen with a countertop makeover?  Installing brand new Cambria for instance will add value and convenience, not to mention an amazing new look to your home!

-Maybe you love the layout of your kitchen, but the dated cabinets and countertops are bringing the whole kitchen down.  Rather than remodeling your whole kitchen, simply replacing the countertops and cabinets where they already are is an instant re-fresh for your kitchen space!  We can help you find the right combination of new cabinetry with exciting, practical features (plus the beautiful look you crave) to fill your current layout.

-Perhaps there’s nothing you love about your kitchen (except for the friends, family, and food that flow in and out) and you feel overwhelmed with the idea of making such a big change.  Here at The Cabinet Store + Culina Design we have amazing software and a friendly, knowledgeable staff that can help you layout a brand new design, see the options for a complete remodel, and give you hope that your kitchen will soon be a beautiful, relaxing place to prepare, eat, and entertain.

Start that love/hate list now and we’ll see you here at The Cabinet Store + Culina Design soon!

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