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The Myth of Custom Cabinetry | Custom Cabinet Solutions from The Cabinet Store + Culina Design

When it comes to cabinetry for your kitchen, bathroom, or other area of your home, we know you want the perfect fit. Which is why, even with the array of cabinetry styles and products on the market, sometimes it’s tempting to turn to a “custom cabinet builder” to get what you really want.

But is it what you really want?  Are you getting what you’re paying for with custom built cabinetry?  We completely want you to get what your heart desires.  With that in mind, this post will explore what custom cabinetry really offers and help you evaluate whether it’s the best fit for your home / kitchen or not.

Though the word “custom” brings all sorts of warm-fuzzies to mind, it doesn’t always equate to quality.  Just because something is built to look how you want it to look does not mean it is well-built, will hold up as long term, or is made using high quality building materials.

In fact, most custom cabinets:

  • Rely on inferior wood product (particle board) because it’s a less expensive starter material
  • Don’t have backs, in order to make them cheaper to build
  • Include lower quality hardware that may not hold up in the long run
  • Don’t come with any kind of manufacturer guarantee

(Last week we talked about the differences in particle board wood vs all-wood / plywood built cabinets.  To understand more about this topic, read here).

Though independent custom cabinet makers may have the skills to create what you visually want your cabinets to look like, they often need to use cheaper materials to make up for the extensive time it takes to build cabinets by hand.  So whether you pay a little bit less or a little bit more for your “small shop built” custom cabinets, you’re likely not getting more for your money than you would with high quality built cabinets from a trusted manufacturer.

Here at The Cabinet Store + Culina Design:

  • We have a full custom build shop on site and are able to adapt the cabinetry you see or add pieces to accent what you order – a fully custom solution that still meets your needs and lives up to the high quality of what we sell.
  • Work with several cabinetry manufacturers that offer a variety of styles, price ranges, and are reputable in what they do.
  • Want your cabinetry to last and want you to love it.  We are happy to help you decide exactly what solution is the best fit for your kitchen, bathroom, or home.

Ready to explore your cabinetry options?  Visit our Apple Valley showroom to see the array of cabinet styles we offer, all through trusted manufacturers who excel at what they do.  Our amazing design software and design consultants can help you get started on that new room layout or customizable needs while you’re at it!

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