Kitchen Color Ideas

Last week we mentioned the amazing online tool that Cambria offers for pairing countertop patterns with other colors and textures in your kitchen.  But where do you start when it comes to color for your new kitchen?  Here are a few trends that might help you categorize the style and color of a kitchen that’s the best fit for you.

Light & Airy – White & bright kitchens seem to be the most trend-forward right now, featuring white cabinetry, and white or pale gray paint tones.  If you love clean, crisp, airy rooms, this might be the look for you.  It can be accomplished with a modern tone or a transitional feel, based on the cabinetry and appliances you choose, but the overall look is washed with white.

Vintage Inspired – If you find you love colors that are reminiscent of the past, this might be the direction you’re headed.  Paired with bright cabinets (white or cream) that set a historical tone, this style can come off as very current.  Vintage colors such as a pale turquoise, mint, or sea foam green can make great wall tones or colors for furniture in the room.

Traditional – If you’re consistently drawn to darker cabinetry or cabinets with beautiful cuts and curves, then selecting a kitchen paint color that is mid-toned and slightly muted is probably right for you.  Choosing a tan or beige will give the room a warm feel all around.  Selecting a color like yellow or lilac will add some cheer while still keeping things mellow.  A natural green will give the room an earthy, relaxed feel.

Bold & Modern – If you want a kitchen with contrast, then bold is probably the direction you’re going.  Pure, intense colors like red, orange, or emerald, the 2013 pantone color of the year, will create a striking contrast against white, light wood, or even black cabinetry.

For more inspiration, check out these kitchens with a variety of wall colors from hgtv and then get started with the kitchen design tool we talked about last week to bring your ideas together!

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