Though white cabinetry with gray walls has been a top trend for the past year or two, gray cabinets in and of themselves are now working there way to the top!  GrayCabinetDoors_Showplace

Gray is often seen as a cold, uninviting color, but used in a well-designed room, it can also be sleek, elegant, modern, and even shabby-chic, rustic, or cozy.  Here are a few tips for getting gray right in your kitchen color scheme:

  • To keep things monochromatic and bright — but not cold — pair gray with other light neutral colors (light tans or almond tones) and natural materials with texture (stone, neutral tile, wood grain).
  • To give your gray kitchen a modern feel, add bright pops of a warm color (red, orange, yellow, etc) to bring exciting warmth and contrast to the sleekness of the gray.
  • To create a rustic look using gray cabinetry, use a wood-grain looking cabinet combining multiple gray tones (like these from Showplace Wood), and accent the kitchen with other wood tones and weathered-looking accessories.
  • For a strikingly elegant gray kitchen, pair it with crisp black and white.  White walls with gray cabinetry and black accents throughout. Chic and modern.
  • To give your gray kitchen depth instead of a flat feeling, use multiple tones of gray.  Lighter cabinets on top and darker gray ones on the bottom pair well together.  Use textures throughout the room that bring in other tones of gray.
  • For a cozier, prettier look, use gray cabinetry and pair with a trio of pastel and warm-toned accents.  Accenting your gray kitchen with pinks, reds, and florals can give it a cottage-like feel.

Looking for more inspiration for using gray cabinets or gray kitchen trends in your home?  Check out this photo story by Houzz and this inspiring article from Better Homes & Gardens.

Here at The Cabinet Store we offer some amazing gray toned cabinets from Showplace Wood.  Whether you’re looking for a solid gray, or a gray hue with a wood-grain feel, our design team can walk you through some amazing ideas sure to add elegance and comfort to the heart of your home.  Get in touch with us today!  The Cabinet Store is located in Apple Valley, MN and serves the Twin Cities and extended areas throughout Minnesota.

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