The exciting thing about molding: you can mix-and-match standard pieces to enhance even the most basic cabinet style, giving cabinetry a fabulous look that is truly unique to your home.

Why Molding?
Molding offers lots of styles, the ability to compliment or contrast finishes, and the ease of building a unique look from standard pieces, making it one of the easiest ways to personalize cabinetry. Use it in the bathroom, kitchen, home office, basement bar, laundry room or mudroom! There is such a wide range of molding options – from simple and inconspicuous to elegant and ornate – it is a fantastic way to take your cabinets from functional to beautiful.

Here are some specific ways to use molding to enhance cabinetry throughout your home.

Crown Molding
Molding at the top of your cabinetry is an excellent place to add style and really make the cabinetry your own. Crown molding can be used in a variety of ways. Check out some of our favorite tricks:

  • Extend your cabinets to new heights by stacking molding to meet the ceiling.
  • Create your own unique look by using a variety of molding pieces.
  • Make a statement by selecting a molding finish to contrast your cabinets.
  • Bring elegance to your cabinets by choosing matching moldings — in the wood and finish that coordinates with your cabinetry.

Some of The Cabinet Store’s most popular crown molding options include Extended Crown Molding (ECM), Shaker Extended Crown Molding (SECM) and Inset Mission Crown Molding (MCM.1). These and other crown molding possibilities are available to see in-person at our incredible showroom!

Under-Cabinet Molding
Special “under-cabinet” molding gives wall cabinets a fully polished look. Pieces designed for lighting and outlets conceal the nuts & bolts of your well-equipped space.

  • Use molding to beautifully camouflage outlets.
  • Install a “light rail” on the bottom of cabinets to conceal under-cabinet lighting.

Colonial Base MoldingBase Molding
Molding applied at the bottom of base cabinets gives your cabinetry a more furniture-like look! Base molding makes the transition from floor to cabinet more seamless, giving your space a more formal finish and flow.

  • Select decorative base moldings to bring beauty all the way to the floor.
  • Remember to make use of the hardworking “quarter round” (sometimes called shoe molding). Employed around the perimeter of base cabinets, it more subtly connects cabinetry to floors and hides imperfections where the floor meets your cabinets.
  • As with crown molding, consider installing base molding in a contrasting finish – to match the floor perhaps!

Wherever you use molding, remember to put the wide variety of finish and style options to work for you. Whether you’re looking to add elegance or highlight simplicity, molding will help you achieve your goals.

Looking for more inspiration for using molding in your kitchen?  Check out this photo story by Houzz.

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