The New Year is here! And while the kids may be lost in the land of Wii, we’re pretty sure the adults in the room have other plans for that new large screen TV or state-of-the-art speaker system Santa delivered at Christmastime – just the thing for your next Superbowl party or Oscar night, right?!

With all the flurry of holiday activities, getting back to school and starting a new year, there might be something you haven’t yet considered … A NEW ENTERTAINMENT CENTER!

Thankfully, The Cabinet Store is here to make this part easy. Whether you need your existing center refurbished to accommodate a larger TV or a completely new set up designed and installed, we create each entertainment center to fit the unique needs of each customer.

Here are a few of questions to consider:

  • Where is your TV located? Is it at an appropriate height and comfortable for viewing?
  • Is your TV mounted or on a stand?
  • Do you have adequate storage for all of the media (DVDs/Blu-Rays, games, etc.) you need easy access to?
  • Do you have a way to corral all remotes? (TV, DVD, Wii, Roku, stereo, etc.)
  • Can your TV reach outlets? Do you have a way to hide power cords?
  • Is your TV and all related components safely out of a child’s reach?

With the right entertainment center to store and organize your electronics and media, you’ll be ready to party! Check out our gallery here and call our team at The Cabinet Store today to get started on your new home entertainment center.


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