Wilsonart HD

Wilsonart HD

Whether you are working within a small remodeling budget or need a kitchen facelift faster than fast, high-definition (HD) laminate is your new superhero. With great new granite styles and edge options now available, the possibilities to affordably bring out the best in your kitchen abound!

One of the most exciting features of HD laminate is the ability to add the grand look of granite without the required expense. Both Wilsonart and Formica have recently added new granite styles to their HD laminate lines. These “true-to-scale” granite patterns are unlike laminates we’ve seen in the past.

Whether you are interested in granite or looking for another style, The Cabinet Store team is excited about the new high-definition laminate options from both Wilsonart and Formica!

Wilsonart HD provides a wide range of countertop surfaces and coordinating edge options to achieve a variety of exciting looks. In addition, they carry sinks specifically designed to play well with HD laminate countertops. Together these pieces give you a complete solution for your kitchen countertop remodel that is both beautiful and affordable. Wilsonart HD’s new granite options can be seen here.

Formica’s 180fx® line offers “sophisticated patterns” that highlight the neutral palette and natural beauty of granite. Their “true-to-scale” granite styling offers a dramatic laminate countertop option for homeowners. Formica’s 180fx brochure is available here.

At The Cabinet Store we know kitchen remodels can be as varied as the budgets that go along with them. High-definition laminates truly offer exciting options to help make your dream kitchen (or bathroom, or laundry room) a reality. Contact us today to learn more about using HD laminate for your next remodeling project.

For more on the advantages and options of laminate countertops, check out this article on Houzz.

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