Kitchen Refresher: Cabinet Refacing Might Be Right For You! | Cabinet Reface Services Twin Cities MN

No budget to remodel the whole kitchen?  Want to give your kitchen a facelift without major construction?  Cabinet Refacing MN

Your answer: cabinet refacing.

Cabinet Refacing is a great option if you:

  • want to keep the same kitchen layout
  • like the quality or floorplan of your cabinets but not the color
  • want to keep using your kitchen through the process
  • want to save money compared to a complete replacement
  • want a speedy solution to meet your tight schedule

How does it work?  Cabinet refacing involves a combination of:

  • replacing, refinishing, or veneering visible parts of your cabinets
  • replacing cabinet doors and drawer fronts with the look of your choice
  • updating cabinetry trim
  • new cabinet hardware

Saving you the time, money, and commitment of a full remodel, cabinet refacing might just be the right fit for your timeline and budget!

See a beauitful example of an Apple Valley kitchen with cabinets refaced in a soft cream color here.  Simply gorgeous!

Here at The Cabinet Store + Culina Design we offer full cabinet refacing services as an affordable way to transform your outdated kitchen into an amazing one!  New cabinet trim and hardware are even complimentary with your cabinet reface job.  Contact us with questions or to get the cabinet reface process started.  Serving Apple Valley, Eagan, Bloomington, and the greater Twin Cities MN area!



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  1. It’s good to know that I can change the entire look of my kitchen without changing my current kitchen’s layout by using the cabinet refacing method. My husband and I have talked about renovating our kitchen because it looks dull and old. We’ve already had our living room renovated a year ago, and just recently added a patio, so maybe it’s time we also upgrade our kitchen. I’ll share this information with my husband so we can start looking for a kitchen remodeling service that offers cabinet refacing. Thanks!

  2. I found it interesting when you said how cabinet refacing may be the best option for your schedule and budget, saving you the time, money, and commitment of a complete redesign. My mother asked me if I knew what the best course of action was when she said to me last night that we need to restore the current surfaces in our kitchen to fit our lifestyle. Because of your helpful post, I’ll be sure to remind her that hiring kitchen refacing services may help us achieve all of our goals.

  3. Wow! Who would’ve thought that cabinet refacing can be such a cost-effective option if we wish to maintain a similar layout for our kitchen, huh? Anyway, thanks a lot for this info which surely would help my cousin to carry out the right maintenance work some time soon. She plans to redo her entire cooking area this weekend to make it look livelier for the holiday season.

  4. I’ve been dreaming of remodeling my kitchen, but it seemed too scary for me at this time. However, you’ve opened my eyes to cabinet refacing, and I think it’ll work for my situation. Is cabinet refacing the same as refinishing? If they aren’t similar, what are the differences?

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