Real Closet System at The Cabinet Store MN

We’re so excited about our new partnership with Real Closet that we just have to share more.  Real Closet System at The Cabinet Store MNLike why they’re better than any other closet system in, well, pretty much every area.  We think you’ll agree when you learn a little bit more!

Here are 12 ways that Real Closet stands out from the crowd:

Real Closet vs “The Other Guys” (most other closet systems)

  1. Real Closet prioritizes secure mounting, using two foundation rails per partition, above and below.  Other guys?  Just one hanging strip that fits into a notch – not nearly as secure.
  2. To keep the look fluid and beautiful, mounting rails are solid maple with a UV finish, compared to the typical metal or plastic strip.
  3. Uneven floors?  No worries.  The Real Closet system mounts on a foundation rail, not the floor, so uneven floors aren’t a problem and the system doesn’t interfere with flooring or base molding.
  4. Partitions are thicker (generally 3/4”) and higher quality (plywood not particle board), plus they come in sizes that expand offering extra flexibility!
  5. Applied solid maple moldings give finished edges to Real Closet pieces, making them look polished and more like typical cabinetry.
  6. Real Closet shelving comes in a variety of sizes, including twin beam shelving not typically available elsewhere.
  7. Shoe shelf rails are part of the shelf, not an additional accessory to purchase!
  8. Shelf edges are solid maple with a UV finish; no plastic banding to finish things off.
  9. Shelf clips fit into the system, making them sturdy and solid, compared to shelves that sit on top of loose clips that can fall or pull out.
  10. Drawers are solid birch with solid maple fronts, compared to the particle board elements that most of the other guys offer.
  11. Real Closet drawers pull out all the way!  Full extension vs the 3/4 extension most systems offer.
  12. Real Closet is local out of MN (Duluth!) and their manufacturing process is eco-friendly and CARB compliant.

What more could you ask for?  With a price tag that’s pretty much the same as “the other guys” Real Closet brings a lot more to the game.  We know you’ll fall in love with their refined beauty and quality just like we did.

Stop in here at The Cabinet Store today and let us show you what the Real Cabinet custom storage solution can do for your closet and home organization!  Using our design software we can show you 3D renderings of what your closet will look like once installed!

Located in Apple Valley MN, The Cabinet Store is excited to offer storage solutions alongside quality cabinets, countertops, sinks, and more!  Serving the Twin Cities surrounding area, contact us today!

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