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When planning your kitchen remodel, lighting might not be your first thought.  We love that cabinetry and countertops are probably closer to the top of your list, but don’t overlook the need for a well-designed lighting setup.  Lights not only illuminate your kitchen, they accent your design and effect the overall ambiance of this room you’re sure to spend so much time in. 

Here are some bright insights on popular lighting options often used in kitchens:

Under Cabinet Lights – Naturally a good fit for kitchens, under cabinet lights are great for cooking, reading recipes, highlighting countertop decor, or as night lights.  Available in incandescent, fluorescent, and LED, these small lights tuck discretely to the underside of kitchen cabinets, offering a warm, reflective glow throughout the kitchen and providing the practical extra light you need while chopping those dinner vegetables.

Pendant Lights – These low-hanging light fixtures, casting pools of focal light, are eye-catching accents to any room – whether that be traditional or modern.  Multi-functional and available in a huge array of styles, they’re trending in the kitchen remodel world.  Groups of mini pendant lights hung over a kitchen island or bar area will add a punch of style. Check out the array of colors and styles in these pendant lighting choices from Better Homes & Gardens.

The Chandelier – No longer the dining room staple, chandeliers are becoming ever-popular in the kitchen.  Add some sophistication by hanging one in the center of your kitchen or using two small chandeliers in a pendant-like display over your kitchen island. Be inspired by these 10 kitchen chandelier ideas from Houzz.

Mounted Ceiling Fixtures — This classic lighting option can offer practical benefits, and in combination with other fixtures, create an elegant lighting display.  Known for generating an even wash of light, these flush-mount or semi-flush styles are best hung in the center of the room or a nook of the kitchen surrounded by other lights for interest and depth.

Track Lighting – Previously seen as a utilitarian, track lights have become stylish, available in a new range of fresh designs. With the ability to move light fixtures up or down on a fixed track, your kitchen can adapt for its many uses – a place for cooking, dining, homework, and mingling with friends. Track lights are also perfect for drawing attention to open front cabinetry and kitchen display pieces.

Recessed Lights – Recessed lights have a sleek, minimalist appearance while still bringing lots of illumination power.  Tucked discreetly inside the ceiling and used in multiples, they provide an amble wash of light. Often paired with a dimmer switch, recessed lighting allows you the ambiance of ambient low light when you want it too.

Ready to see these lighting styles in action?  Check out the variety of kitchen lighting shown in the HGTV images here.  Start dreaming about those cozy family dinners or fine-dining get togethers with friends in your newly remodeled kitchen — the ambiance is just a light switch a way!

Your kitchen deserves to be well-lit and so much more!  Connect with us here at The Cabinet Store for design ideas and remodel services, or visit our incredible showroom to see an amazing array of cabinetry, countertops, appliances, sinks, and more.  Serving Apple Valley, Bloomington, Eagan, Burnsville, and homeowners throughout the Twin Cities MN. 

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