Cambria bathroom countertop Twin Cities MN

Though kitchen countertops often steal the show, bathrooms deserve at least a little bit of the glory. Sure the kitchen can boast that it’s the heart of the home, but the bathroom is where we start and end each day. Bathrooms are sanctuaries, little spas within our homes. So though we hope you take great care when it’s time to remodel your kitchen, we also hope you don’t set the bathroom on the back-burner. Bathrooms deserve beautiful countertops too!

Thankfully Cambria takes bathrooms seriously. With a wide range of versatile, durable, and amazingly beautiful countertop options, Cambria can help you create a bathroom that lives up to its full potential. Check out these examples of Cambria installed in the bath, and then peek here at their full inspiration gallery for more examples.


This darker countertop in Cranbrook is both earthy and modern.

Cambria Countertop at The Cabinet Store Twin Cities MN

Here the Cambria in Yorkshire is used as part of the spa tub.

Cambria Bathroom Countertop twin cities MN

Shown in Park Gate, this bathroom countertop is made more elegant by the curved edge.

Cambria bathroom countertop Twin Cities MN

This thick countertop in Waverton makes a bold statement against the darker cabinetry.

Cambria bathroom countertop Twin Cities MN

Another example of the Yorkshire tone, this countertop evokes nature with it’s unfinished edge.

Ready to remodel your bathroom?  Featuring a wide variety of bathroom countertop and cabinetry, The Cabinet Store is your one-stop-shop for your Twin Cities bathroom remodeling job.  With designers on hand, an in-house contractor, and the ability to create custom add-ons to your cabinets, we make bathroom remodeling in the Twin Cities easy.

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