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The kitchen is the heart of the home!  And a healthy heart keeps the whole body healthy.  In other words, a well maintained, updated kitchen will increase the value of your whole home.

Whether you plan to enjoy your kitchen for years to come or hope to sell in upcoming years, remodeling your kitchen is an investment that reaps value.

According to the Cost-vs-Value report put out by remodeling.net, a homeowner remodeling their kitchen in the Minneapolis area would expect to recoup 72-76% of their investment.  Wow – that’s money well spent!  The surrounding Midwest boasted a lower but still impressive value of 62-65% return on their kitchen remodel investment.

Remodeling with investment in mind:

Consider Your Surroundings — Create a kitchen that fits with the home and the neighborhood.  Don’t design a luxury kitchen for a neighborhood that won’t reap it’s value, nor should you cut-corners on a kitchen in an otherwise luxurious house.

Evaluate the Style — Design a kitchen that suits the style of the home.  If you’re remodeling a kitchen in an arts and crafts style home, be sure to include some vintage flair and charm, as opposed to the sleek modern feel you might love.  A new buyer will fall in love with a home that suits their taste, and it’s hard to fall in love with a home that clashes in styles.

Energy-Efficiency Counts — Invest in energy-efficient appliances.  Not only do they save you money as they use less energy, potential buyers see them as a bonus when shopping for a new home.  Check out our partnership with Waners Stellian for valuable savings on kitchen appliances.

Organize It — An organized kitchen never goes out of style!  New buyers love organization features like cabinet drawers, soft-close cabinet doors, and more.  Check out some fun kitchen organizational elements here.

Update on any Budget — If you want to sell, but you’re on a tighter budget, a partial remodel can be a good solution.  Cabinet refacing is an affordable way to do this.  Generate a fresh new look for the kitchen without replacing each and every cabinet.  Check out our cabinet refacing services here.

Ready to get remodeling?  Connect with us here at The Cabinet Store!  Start with our design services and begin creating the kitchen that will not only benefit you now, but be an investment for the future as well.  Our in-house contractor can help you create a kitchen worth of your investment, and our wide array of cabinetry, countertops and more will make selecting your new style a breeze!  Serving the Minneapolis area, including Apple Valley, Bloomington, Eagan, Burnsville, and the surrounding Twin Cities metro area.


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