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We all long to be organized, but often our desires don’t match up with the reality of our home.  Sometimes the key factor in making our desires and reality meet is actually knowing what needs to go where.  Attempting to get organized is no good if items don’t have a regular space to call home (or enough of it for that matter!).

We can help you get organized!  Here’s how:

  • Identify the areas in your home you want to change.  Take note of where you have constant clutter and why.
  • Create a list of your organizational hopes and dreams.  Even if you don’t know how to implement them, let us know what end-result you’re hoping for! (i.e. more floor space in the living room; a new place for the shoes that pile up; an uncluttered bedroom closet, etc)
  • Let us look over your needs and create custom solutions to help your home be more organized.  From elegant storage lockers to drawers beneath your window bench, we have a whole list of tricks of the trade that you might never have considered!
  • Our designers will work with you personally to find solutions that are right for the look and feel of your home, seamlessly blending with your style.  An organized home could be just a few weeks away!

If you’re ready to feel relaxed when you step in your home rather than face the stress of clutter, then get in touch with us here at The Cabinet Store + Culina Design today!  Stop into our amazing showroom in Apple Valley and meet with one of our designers, or send us an email with your project questions.  Our team is always ready and willing to help – we love to serve!

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