What to do with the Basement? | Unique Lower Level Remodel Ideas: Part 1

Does your home have an unfinished lower level just waiting to turn into…?  Well, what exactly, you’re not sure.

Not all lower levels need to look alike.  While that big screen TV and comfy sofa arrangement might be great for many people, don’t assume that’s the direction you have to go too.  With a little creativity, unfinished basements can be home to any number of adventurous spaces, and in this series we’re here to share some ideas — quite possibly some that haven’t occurred to you — that might just be the right fit for your family and lifestyle.

Starting with these three…

The Basement Bar — Do you like to go out?  To entertain?  If so, utilizing your lower level space for a basement bar, at least in part, might be a good use of space.  “Happy hour at home” has a good ring to it, and allows you and your guests a cozy relaxed place to actually talk (without having to talk over music twice as loud as it should be).  Basement bars have evolved well beyond the 70s man-cave they used to be, and your style can be as sophisticated or as relaxed as you’d like it to be.  Check out these examples of home bar areas compiled by hgtv, and for more inspiration take a peek at this article we posted on designing your basement bar.

A Music & Performance Stage — Is your family musically inclined?  Or maybe your teens are in the “garage rock band” stage?  Then turning your lower level into a sophisticated music arena and lounge area might be just the thing.  Comfy enough for the whole family to chill, but with a stage area and music-themed vibe, this might just become the family’s favorite hang-out space (or a great place to send the kids for a bit of peace and quiet yourself!)  Check out the rockin’ musical makeover that one basement got in the first few photos of the remodel story here.

Children’s Play Area — Whether you just need a wide open space with kid-friendly storage, or a magical play area complete with a climbing wall and pretend-play nook, your unfinished basement might be just the place.  Consider including some open cubbies to keep toys neat but in sight, and adding a few storage benches that double as grown-up seating.  From serene to colorful and punchy, the style options are endless, and the memories you’ll make will be more than worth the effort of remodeling your basement with the kiddos in mind. Peek at some amazing basement playroom ideas featured on houzz here.

Not quite what your home needs?  Don’t worry!  Over the next two weeks we’ll be offering an abundance of additional lower level remodel ideas!  One might just spark the inspiration you’re looking for.

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