What to do with the Basement? | Unique Lower Level Remodel Ideas: Part 2

Still trying to decide what to do with that lower level space?  Great, because we’ve got all sorts of ideas for you!  Last week we talked about the possibility of a basement bar, music room, or children’s play area.  This week we have a few more creative approaches to consider:

A Workout Room – Though Jane Fonda doesn’t rule the world of fitness anymore, working out at home is still amazingly convenient.  Using a separate room or a portion of your basement as an exercise area might be the perfect fit for you, especially if you like to squeeze in a workout before heading to work or during baby’s naptime.  When designed well, workout rooms can include enclosed storage for equipment, making the space an equally great area for kids to get some energy out when needed without potential danger zones in their way.  Consider locker-style cubbies along the walls to access workout clothing and small equipment efficiently.  If keeping things pretty is a priority for you, you’ll like this basement workout area that effortlessly fits off the elegant family room, with a little help from sliding barn doors.

The Craft Room — If fabric is tucked in every corner of your home, or you find paper scraps under your feet at the dining room table, then a craft room may be an amazing use of your basement space.  With a central table for working on crafts and built-in shelving or cabinetry against the wall, you’ll be able to organize your scrapbooking, sewing, or beading by category, with room to spare. Using countertop over lower cabinetry with shelving above could be an excellent solution, giving you more surface space for projects-in-the-works, and combining some hidden storage with some visible storage.  Click here to see one collection of storage ideas that might just make your new craft room the most organized room in the house.

Indoor Sport Court – If your kids bounce off the wall all winter long, or need a practical place to get their athletic practice time in at home, a lower level sport court could be the unique solution you’re looking for.  Gaining popularity over the last few years, adding a sport court to your lower level might be less expensive than you think.  With little furniture to add, your main focus is on including athletic flooring and some cushioning to the walls.  And though a wide open area is beneficial here, don’t think you need an olympic size space to make your sport court a success — one room could be enough to stand back and shoot goals or baskets, or throw pitches against the padded wall.  Peek at these unique sport court ideas via houzz here.

We know we’ve got your mind buzzing by now!  But you don’t have to make up your mind just yet — next week we’ll have yet a few more ideas for you.

Here at The Cabinet Store + Culina Design we work on unique projects galore.  From specialty room storage to media cabinetry, or closet organizational systems to bathroom vanities, we’ve got you covered!


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