If one of the many lower level remodel concepts featured in our last two posts (see part 1 here!) wasn’t quite the perfect fit for your basement space, here are a few more to ideas finish things off: 

In-law Apartment with a Second Kitchen — Do you welcome guests often?  Need a place for family to stay long-term now or in the future?  Creating a semi-private “in-law” apartment might be a good use of your basement.  With quarters that include a bedroom, bathroom, and partial kitchen area, you’ll be adding a long term investment in making others feel exceptionally welcome in your home.

Collector or Hobby Space – Is your home overrun by a hobby or filled with items of a particular theme?  Maybe creating a space of your own is the best way to enjoy your hobby without letting it overtake your life.  Whether you have train sets galore that you want to display and enjoy, or just need a room to feature all of your vintage cola signs, this could be your chance to create a theme-room that doubles as recreational space and also showcases something you’ve come to love.

Recreation Room Gone Wild — Why not have it all?  If you want a space that will entertain your family all year long, create a multi-faceted family party hub that will serve as a hangout space for people of all ages.  Divide the space up to include a media area (TV, video games, home theatre, etc.), board game area (table, shelves), family snack bar (think popcorn maker and mini-fridge filled with water and soda), and an action space (ping-pong or pool table!).  And then remind your kids they’re never allowed to say “I’m bored” again!  Check out some ideas for custom entertainment centers here.

Though we’re sure you could come up with any number of additional ideas that are the right fit for remodeling the lower level of your home, hopefully the nine we offered in this three part series gave you something to think about and move toward!

Whether you’re finishing your basement or remodeling your kitchen, The Cabinet Store can help.  In addition to our helpful remodeling partners, we offer organizational solutions galore.  Get in touch today!

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