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Three Ways to Start the New Year Out Organized! | Organizing Your Home

It’s a new year!  And you’re itching to organize. (Or perhaps you’re hoping your home will organize itself!).  No matter how much effort you want to exert, we have ideas to help.  Here are three projects that can help give your home a “fresh start” — big and little changes alike.

1. Organize your Closets — Decide whether you want to tackle your storage closets, clothing closets, or both, and then make a plan.

  • Are there things you need to get rid of or move to another location?
  • Do you want to organize by color?  usage?  family member?
  • Do you need to take everything out and start from scratch, or just move a few things around to a new home?

If you’re in need of new shelving or an all-out new closet organization system, check out these Real Closet pieces — we think you’ll like them.

2. Evaluate your Kitchen Storage —  As you add new kitchen gadgets, dishes, or even decor (unpack those Christmas gifts!), it’s good to re-evaluate how your space is used and if the items you use most are accessible.

  • Is an item you never use taking up countertop space?  Or one you use regularly hard to reach?
  • How about your drawers?  Are you utensils sorted in an easy to find a way?
  • Is your trash can in the best location it could be?
  • Is your coffee or tea storage accessible and sorted neatly?

If you’re discouraged by your kitchen layout or storage options overall, it might me time to consider replacing some or all of your cabinetry with ones featuring time- and space-saving organization elements, like these.

3. Adjust Your Furniture Placement — Moving furniture around is a quick way to give your room a whole new look!  Evaluate how you use your home and which spaces you spend the most time in.

  • Would facing your sofa a new direction or moving your dining room table a different angle be a welcome change?
  • Is there a lamp or furniture piece that would solve a problem if moved from one room to another?
  • Do you need more storage in your main living areas or mudroom?

If adding storage pieces is a must, consider a built-in entertainment center, cabinets around your fireplace, or built-in cabinetry in the dining room.

Making even one small change will help you feel better about your home!  Take some time to reflect on the areas that will make the biggest difference — then dive right in!

Helping you get organized is our specialty!  In addition to a huge array of kitchen cabinets and countertops, The Cabinet Store + Culina Design specializes in elegant storage solutions for your whole home, including living- and dining-room built-in cabinetry pieces, bathroom vanities, entertainment centers, mudroom lockers and cubbies, closet storage, and more.  Kick your new year off by stopping by our incredible showroom in Apple Valley for some inspiration!

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