Under-cabinet kitchen lighting cabinetry twin cities mn

Under-cabinet lighting is a small feature that packs a big punch.

Also known as task lighting, under-cabinet lights are most often used underneath kitchen cabinets. However, these multipurpose lights will work in nearly any place you need them: a closet, home office, bathroom, workshop, craft room, bookshelf, or garage, just to name a few.

Here are 5 reasons we think under-cabinet lighting is practically a must-have…

1. Practical.  Using under-cabinet lighting allows you to brighten workspaces, making tasks easier and safer to perform.  Slicing those vegetables is a lot easier when they’re well-lit.  Threading a needle under a craft room spotlight can make a world of difference too.

2. Beautiful. Whether you want to highlight photos displayed in a bookshelf or shine some light on your gorgeous Cambria countertops or that creative backsplash, under-cabinet lighting provides pleasant accent light, adding an attractive ambiance to your room.

3. Energy-efficient.  Almost all under-cabinet lights use energy-efficient light bulbs.  Additionally, under-cabinet lighting allows you to illuminate just a particular area in a room, eliminating the need to light up the entire space unnecessarily, thus saving even more energy.

4. Flexible.  Under-cabinet lights offer lots of possibilities.  You can choose both the type of bulbs you want to use and the type of light fixture that best suits the requirements of your space. Options abound, including fluorescent, halogen, incandescent, xenon, and LED.  Read more about different styles of under-cabinet lighting via hgtv here.

5. Affordable.  You will find that some LED under-cabinet light pucks are under $10, though many of the LED light strips or bigger under-cabinet light fixtures fluctuate in the $30-$80 range.  This makes them relatively affordable compared to other light fixtures, and with the energy-savings, even better.

Under-cabinet lights are an easy way to take your kitchen (and other spaces of your home) up a notch, adding both practicality and beauty.

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