Open Shelving in a Contemporary Kitchen | Medallion Cabinetry available at The Cabinet Store Twin Cities MN

Float shelves have been around for ages, but lately they’re hitting the kitchen trend list.

With the kitchen remodel scene featuring more and more open kitchen shelving concepts, you might be thinking: is that what I want in my new kitchen?

There are a lot of great reasons to include open kitchen shelving, and they can add a fresh and unique vibe to your kitchen, but ultimately it comes down to whether they’re a good fit for you and your lifestyle.

Here are some great tips as you consider using float shelves in your kitchen:

  1. Jump on board with this trend only if you know you’re going to like what you see.  In other words, if you hate your dishes or don’t want to see mis-matched cups, then maybe open storage isn’t for you.  On the other hand, if you adore your dish set, have china you wish was on display, or have an amazing spice collection, this might be the right look for you.
  2. Keep practicality and dish washing in mind.  When displaying dishes, there are two types you’ll want out on shelving:  1) the ones you use most often, so that they don’t sit out long enough to accumulate dust or grease, or 2) the ones you appreciate the decor of but don’t use very often at all (and don’t mind pre-washing before you put to use).  Let the in-between of your dish collection remain behind closed doors, and save yourself the constant double-washing.  (Also consider a higher grade vent fan to pull dust from the room!)
  3. Mix utilitarian items with beautiful items.  Try putting your canisters in between vases of flowers.  Or your dishes intermixed with jars of candles.  Or your adorable cookbooks alongside your mixer.  Creating a sense of decor will make the arrangement welcoming to the eye, not overly busy.
  4. When storing food goods on open shelving, make use of canisters, jars, and baskets.  Putting snacks all into a cute basket, or using sets of clear canisters to store your cereal is generally more appealing than looking at manufacturer packaging.  Float shelves are also a great place to feature your olive oil collection, or the tea and coffee varieties you love.  Keep in mind that storing non-sealed food items out in the open is not the best idea.
  5. Be realistic that you have enough space.  Open shelving likely won’t fit as much as you would behind closed cabinets, because you’ll want to keep things a bit tidier, while including decorative elements.  So don’t install open cabinetry at the risk of not having enough cabinet space at all.

Float shelves can make great accents to beautiful kitchen cabinetry, and can help give your kitchen a more open look.  Check out this collection of images on houzz to get your mind flowing with all the possibilities!

Ready to redesign your kitchen?  Curious how open shelves might work in your new kitchen layout?  Touch base with our design department and we’ll create a free design for you.  The Cabinet Store specializes in cabinetry and countertops in the Twin Cities area and beyond!

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