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Today’s Kitchen: AKA The Home Office, Drop Zone, & Charging Station |  Organizational Solutions for the Kitchen that fit Your Lifestyle

Today’s kitchen isn’t just about food.  It’s not even about gathering or dining.  Let’s face it — your kitchen is grand central station.  People are in and out.  Cell phones are plugged in, mail is piled high, homework is plopped down.  Sometimes food is involved, sometimes it’s just digi-mania.

Which is why having a kitchen that’s organized for your lifestyle (instead of trying to fit your modern lifestyle into an outdated kitchen) can make your days a whole lot simpler.

Here are three ways your kitchen is being used (even if you’re not prepared for it) and some tips on updating your kitchen to fit the phase you’re in:

The Home Office — Adding a desk to the kitchen is not the newest concept, but it’s a proven one.  Having a surface designated for paperwork, mail, homework, pens, and more can be a lifesaver when it comes time to cook or eat — who wants to clear the kitchen countertop (or table, or island) just to be able to enjoy dinner?  If you’re remodeling, choosing a built-in desk when you update your cabinetry is a stellar idea, and will blend right in with your beautiful new kitchen, just like the ones seen here.

The Drop Zone — The idea of a drop zone is a fixed place where you can drop things when you enter the house.  The mail, the car keys, more.  Depending on the space you have to work with, it might even include a place to drop backpacks or your purse.  Drop zones are often placed in mudrooms, but work well in kitchens as well.  Consider a cabinet with a sliding door front (like a garage door), so you can drop everything and then hide it as necessary!  Wall cubbies or built-in shelves hidden in cabinets are also great solution for mail.  Have a peek at this well-equipped drop zone sneakily cozied-in with the kitchen cabinets.

The Charging Station — If your life is inundated with digital devices, you’re certainly not alone.  Most families are trying to keep track of phones, laptops, tablets, video game systems, and more, all the while wondering where the cords are for all of them!  Having a designated space in your home can be hard to come by since most home’s weren’t built for our digital era, so if you’re remodeling your kitchen don’t miss this chance to add a charging zone!  Extra electrical units can be added to drawers, cubbies, or cabinets, often with solutions for hiding excess cords.  Check out the innovative charging stations found here.

These might seem like little touches, but no doubt they’re significant ones.  An organized kitchen with modern features can ease stress, save you time, and keep that constant “picking up and shifting things around” to a minimum.  Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen or want to work some of these ideas into the space you already have, check out the creative ideas found on Pinterest here!

Here at The Cabinet Store + Culina Design we know busy homeowners are looking for more than a nice space to prepare dinner — you want features that will make your life simpler.  Stop by our amazing showroom here at The Cabinet Store + Culina Design and check out some of these innovative solutions for yourself!  We can even create a free design layout for your potential new kitchen.  Located in Apple Valley, and serving the entire Twin Cities and beyond, feel free to contact us today!

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