We all love the cozy glow of a fireplace, and even in the off-season a fireplace serves as a beautiful architectural element in your home.  But deciding how to best decorate or draw attention to this feature can be tricky!  Here are some inspiring fireplace mantel display ideas to get you started:

One Piece Wonder: Designing your mantel display doesn’t have to be a complicated balance of heights, objects and styles.  Consider using just one piece of art or a single mirror, either resting on the mantle or attached above.  Just keep in mind that you don’t want to go to small.  This space is a statement-making location, and using a piece of artwork not well suited for the space will leave the room with a barren feel.

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Monochromatic Decor: Using a single color is a great way to draw the eye to one place and your fireplace mantel is a great place to do this.  Choose a collection of colored vases, candles, accessories, and artwork of different heights but all in the same color.  Using different shades of that one color will produce a beautiful effect.  Gather your options and then re-arrange until the flow suits your aesthetics.


Color Pop Wall:  Rather than letting your decor be the focal point, consider painting the wall around your fireplace a bright or contrasting color!  Then use neutral mantel decor (glass tones, reflective neutrals) to let the shape of the architecture shine through and make the fireplace itself the central feature.  Check out this gray wall and white fireplace effect.

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Decal Designs: For a modern look, consider using a decal above your mantel.  Stick-on decals come in a variety of different qualities and materials and you’ll likely find one that can stick to any type of wall.  From word art quotes to stunning and simple artwork, there’s something for every style.  See some fun decal ideas on pinterest here.

Holiday Friendly:  Your fireplace mantel is a flexible place to add seasonal cheer during the Christmas season (and the chance to vary your seasonal touches all year long).  In the winter, try something simple such as adding some spruce, pinecones, or faux berries to your current display to give it some woodsy charm.

Storage Savvy: Want to keep your fireplace mantel uncluttered and give the room around it a serene feel?  Make sure you have enough storage in the room.  Adding built-in cabinetry to each side of the fireplace is a beautiful and practical way to accent your fireplace even more.  If your fireplace is set off to a corner or one side of a wall, adding a large cabinet piece with shelving is a wonderful continuation of that wall.  Check out these great examples of built-in storage solutions next to your fireplace, as featured on houzz!


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