Kitchen Decorating Tips

It’s time. Yep. You might not be ready to all-out holiday decorate yet, but it’s time to start bringing little touches of the fall and winter season into your home.  Thanksgiving will be here before we know it, with Christmas and other winter holidays soon behind.

Small touches of holiday goodness can help create a welcoming environment for guests and add tiny moments of joy to your own daily routine as well.  Try a few of these seasonal kitchen decor ideas to get started:

  • Light Up Those Seasonal Candles:  Think apple cider and pumpkin pie and then go looking for candles by the same name.  You’ll thank us.  Especially after someone in the family burns dinner. (Not you of course).
  • Swap out Your Soap: If you’re going to hand-wash dishes (or wash your hands), your sink might as well smell like delectable pomegranate seeds or cranberry sauce.  Find yourself a cute little bottle of the stuff, and feel a renewed sense of energy during the after-dinner dish rush.
  • Find a Woodland Friend: Not a real one of course.  But pick up something with an owl, squirrel, deer, or even a hedgehog on it, and your home will feel like something out of Snow White in minutes.  Hint: there are no shortage of them here at Pier 1 Imports.
  • Get a Little Firry:  A small fir tree to be exact.  Find an itty-bitty one that fits on your kitchen windowsill and you won’t miss all the leaves when the trees go barren outside.
  • Choose a Cheerful Mat:  Have a mat by your kitchen sink?  Or a small rug in the entry door to your kitchen?  Now is a great time to have a little fun with it.  A little lumberjack plaid, some holiday colors, or a jolly seasonal sentiment is just what you need.  You might find one you love on Pinterest here.
  • Use Whip Cream Liberally: From now straight through January all hot beverages you drink should include whip cream.  That goes for your coffee, your tea lattes, and yes hot apple cider too.  This isn’t exactly a decorative tip (except for about 10 seconds after you squirt that creamy goodness on), but we thought you’d like it anyway.

You now have our permission to rush off to the store.  Don’t miss the dairy aisle!

The Cabinet Store knows you kitchen is a haven in your home — the way it looks directly influences the way you feel.  If you’re not feeling great about your kitchen (and candles will not do the trick) stop by to browse our beautiful countertop selection and wide array of high-quality cabinetry.  You won’t regret it!  Come by anytime we’re open — you can find the hours here.  

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