In any field related to design one thing can always be counted on: Change. Preferences change. Families change. Above all, trends most certainly change. One of the biggest shifts that we’ve seen in current home design is the rising popularity of Super Kitchens.

You might be wondering, just what do we mean by the term Super Kitchen? We’re so glad you asked! There’s no caped hero involved, a Super Kitchen is simply what it sounds like; a highly customized kitchen with all the bells and whistles. Rather than being a tucked away space for meal prep and messes, the Super Kitchen is the center of the home. It’s a room that’s built to accommodate the busyness of family life, a multipurpose space that serves many needs at once.

Whether it’s a family command center to keep life organized, a custom bar area to entertain with class, or a center island that’s big enough to accommodate meal prep and homework; Super Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes. Below are a few of the common elements that can be found in these fabulous dream kitchens.

High Tech

Along with upgraded finishes, most Super Kitchens are outfitted with cutting edge technology – every other room in the home has become high tech, why shouldn’t the kitchen get in on the action? The market for upgraded appliances has exploded in recent years. Appliances like this amazing Warner Stallion fridge even come equipped with Wi-Fi so you can browse recipes, manage calendars, check the weather, or entertain fussy kids with a video – all while starting dinner prep!

Open Concept

This gorgeous open concept kitchen is perfect for the hustle and bustle of family life, or for hosting parties filled with friends. The floor plan flows with ease and is ideally suited for both mingling and meal prep!

Superkitchen, Flowing Multipurpose Family Spaces

Entertaining Space

A built-in bar or coffee nook are great custom spaces to add to any kitchen project – they’re the perfect blend of function and fun to make your space feel personalized!

Superkitchen, Bar Built for Entertaining

Super Kitchen, Entertaining Details

Family Command Center

This built in desk space is great for keeping the family schedule organized, doing homework, sorting through mail, or taking care of the bills – all without having to be hidden away in an office!

Command Center

For better or for worse, the Super Kitchen trend seems to be here to stay. We happen to fall enthusiastically on the side of for better! What’s not to love about a trend that focuses on making your home work better for you? Whether you’re looking for upgraded custom finishes, a more fully integrated floor plan, or a fridge that comes with Wi-Fi; Super Kitchens are exciting because they’re designed with your specific needs in mind.

If these ideas have got you fantasizing about the Super Kitchen of your dreams, be to sure to give us a call – our job is to help make your remodel vision a reality!

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