Design Trend: The New Normal in Appliances

Embarking on a kitchen remodeling project? There are so many details to consider! You’ve probably spent your free time pouring over pictures, color palettes, and Pinterest inspiration for weeks, right? Gathering style and design ideas for your dream kitchen is vastly important (and fun!), but equally essential is planning your kitchen appliance purchases.

New appliances are an expensive investment; which is why we’re betting you don’t want to part with thousands of dollars without making an informed decision. Accessing your appliance needs is more complicated than it once was – kitchens have undergone quite the makeover in recent years! As the kitchen has evolved to become the hub of the modern home (see our recent Super Kitchens post for more information on this trend), appliances have upped the ante and become more large, stylish, and high-tech than ever.

While it can be overwhelming, we don’t want you to be intimidated by the new normal in kitchen appliances! To help you prepare for the showroom showdown, we’ve compiled this helpful list of trends, details, and features to consider.

Smart Technology

Obviously, the necessity of integrating smart-technology into the kitchen is limited to your own family’s needs and budget. However, the convenience of smart appliances is impossible to deny. Your family is probably already using devices in the kitchen, right? Intentionally integrating those devices into your kitchen’s design is a great way to make that technology more communal. That way instead of having three people looking up recipes on different devices, the entire family can gather around one central screen together. Smart technology may be expensive, but the efficiency it brings to the table is well worth the investment.

Style Trends

The style of your appliances should fit your kitchen’s design scheme as a whole. Whether you’re aiming for a sleek space with modern stainless steel. Vintage charm accompanied by playful pops of color. Or the laid back ease of a sunny coastal cottage. Whatever you favor, there’s an appliance out there that matches your taste. While all stainless steel kitchens are enjoying a massive style moment, appliances inspired by mid-century design that feature unique splashes of color are making a comeback, and classic white finishes are more crisp and modern looking than ever.

Understated Stainless Steel

Chef Inspired Design

Another major trend that’s shaping kitchen design is the rising influence of celebrity chef culture. Once contained simply to cookbooks and magazines, the market for the chef as a celebrity is booming. Entire TV networks, product lines, and brands are built around cooking more like popular chefs. All of this readily available information has made the home cook’s skills increasingly advanced; so it makes sense that consumers want to splurge more on top-of-the-line appliances. If you’re looking to add chef inspired touches to your kitchen, you might consider: a glass-doored fridge for taking quick stock of ingredients, a spider burner gas range for optimal heat control, or a range-top faucet for boiling large pots of water with ease.

Chef-style Stove

Statement Pieces and Custom Add-ons

Additional criteria to consider when purchasing appliances are what fun custom add-on or statement piece you want in your kitchen. Maybe you want to make a state-of-the-art range hood the focal point of your space. Range hoods come in all styles, shapes, and sizes to contrast or blend into spaces now. Or perhaps easy entertaining is your aim, in which case you might go all out on a wine or beverage fridge for a classy bar touch, or a warming drawer to keep dishes at ideal serving temperature. Whatever specifics matter most to your cooking needs, there’s most certainly an appliance on the market to match!

Hood and Range Faucet


Measure Carefully

Last, but certainly not least, it’s of the utmost importance to carefully measure and allocate enough space for your new appliances. Along with the advances in technology and style, newer appliances on the market are simply a lot larger in size than they used to be. When planning a kitchen remodel, accurately measuring and planning your space is more important than ever! Just think, you wouldn’t want to spend the money on remodeling, only to find that your appliances don’t fit into your freshly installed cabinets. And remember, you don’t have to do all that planning alone – the experts at our store can help you tackle your next remodel project with ease!

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