Summer is in full swing! Schedules are more relaxed, kids have finished school, and those long dreamt vacation plans are finally in sight. Sunny summer days are made for spontaneity – kicking off your shoes and letting your hair down. Whether it’s enjoying lazy days on the lake, dinners fresh off the grill, or hazy bonfires under the stars; summer memories are all about being with those you love. The one downside to all this fun and relaxation? It’s far too easy to lose sight of personal health goals.

Between the holiday potlucks, neighborhood barbecues, and vacation indulgences; it’s no wonder that some find themselves feeling a bit sluggish by the end of summer. A few extra pounds certainly aren’t the end of the world, but there’s no reason why your hard-earned health has to backslide each summer. If you’ve found yourself in the midst of a summer slump, try the tips below to keep your habits in check!

1. Practice Mindfulness. Half of the battle with maintaining healthy habits is to keep them a priority. It’s easy to get a new regimen started, but sustaining that enthusiasm is often where the rubber meets the road. One way to keep your goals in the forefront of your thoughts is to practice mindfulness. Maybe it’s setting an alarm to go off hourly as a reminder to get-up and move around. Or using a calorie tracking app to take stock of what you’re actually consuming. Whatever works for you, the point is to stay present to the choices you make.

2. Bring Something Light to Share. The best way to assure there’s something healthy to eat at any social gathering is to bring it yourself. It’s really that simple. Yes, you may still be tempted by that bag of chips, but thankfully, it won’t be your only option. If you need ideas for lighter summer dishes try searching Pinterest or cooking magazines, and just remember, when in doubt keep it simple. You can never go wrong with fresh, non-processed veggies and fruits!

3. Be Prepared. The Boy Scouts know their stuff on this one! If you know you’re going to be surrounded by tempting food somewhere, then get prepared. Eat before you hit that grad party, bring a nutritious snack along for that road trip, and pack a cooler filled with wholesome choices your kids like for the amusement park. A little forethought, time, and preparation will go a long way in helping you and your family eat right no matter where you happen to be!

4. Ask for Accountability. Do you know self-control will be a struggle in certain environments? Maybe it’s the no-holds-barred atmosphere of holiday barbecues, or the endless supply of tempting treats at the annual church potluck. Whatever the temptation may be, your resistance will be stronger with support. Ask your spouse, sibling, or a friend to help keep you accountable. There’s always power in numbers. Knowing someone has your back might be just the catalyst you need to say no to that second helping of sweets!

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