Kitchen Trends: The Gathering Table


Imagine that last time you hosted a group of friends in your home. Stories and laughter fill the air, along with the tantalizing scent of your most outstanding, slam dunk, company approved meal. (We all have one right? That tried and true meal you trot out every time!) Next, picture your family on a run-of-the-mill weeknight. The kids are tackling homework, dinner prep is in full force, and you and your spouse are swapping stories about the day.

The scenarios that play out during these two evenings may be vastly different, but we’d venture to guess one element they probably have in common. Our bet? Everyone ended up gathered in the kitchen. No matter our best laid plans, it’s inevitable isn’t it? People gravitate there. In fact, folks are drawn to the kitchen so much that designers have taken note!

Kitchen islands in particular have evolved into the gathering table, the home base, of modern floor plans. True workhorses, everything from chopping veggies to math equations, calendar planning to crafts, political debate to happy hour, takes place at the kitchen island. More and more, our clients are putting their custom spin on the island, creating spaces that are practical and picturesque.

Browse through a handful of stunning client island ideas below – we think you’ll find oodles of inspiration for creating your own gathering table!


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Superkitchen, Flowing Multipurpose Family Spaces


Superkitchen, Large Open Entertaining Space


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