If there’s one aspect of home design that’s eternal, it’s that preferences are always changing. Trends come and go; homeowner taste is ever evolving. While it’s impossible to predict future styles with certainty, industry experts have a good idea of what trends will continue into 2017. Hoping to refresh your home’s look in the new year? Discover the five favorite ideas we think are here to stay below!

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1. Whites and Grays. Neutral colors are still going strong, and their popularity doesn’t seem to be fading anytime soon. White and gray tones, in particular, remain all the rage! We agree that both colors inspire tranquility and match almost anything. However, we do have one piece of advice: don’t neglect bold colors altogether. Take note to incorporate bright tones in your home too – they bring much-needed energy and stimulation!


2. Technology. You probably saw this one coming, right? Technology’s role in the home continues to grow, and it’s predicted to maintain that upward trend! From appliances to thermostats, lighting to speaker systems, every element of the home is getting on the grid. These integrated devices are all about one thing: increased convenience. It may be too pricey to add every new technological advance at once, that’s okay, though, just choose the ones that would benefit you the most!

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3. Open Floor Plans. There is no one-size-fits-all floor plan anymore. Although, arguably, if one did exist it would be the wildly popular open concept style. More and more homeowners crave spaces that are flexible, people simply aren’t as formal as they used to be. Open layouts are bright, spacious, welcoming, and better suited to family life. Get ready to hear more people in your life talk about busting down walls in 2017!

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4. Metallics. Beyond bathroom fixtures and kitchen hardware, metallic accents had a major style moment this past year. All signs point to metals like copper and gold still being major design players in 2017! This design trend is a fun way to add more texture and warmth to your home. Metallics also have an equally traditional and contemporary feel, which is a huge plus! Test run this trend with a playful accessory (clocks, lamps, candlesticks); delve deeper into bigger changes (sinks, overhead lighting, sconces) once you’ve decided it’s for you!

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5. Customized Touches. In addition to personalized layouts, lots of our clients are creating custom spaces in their homes. From command centers to media rooms, workout studios to basement bars, coffee corners to craft areas, there are endless ways to craft individual spaces for your home!

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