What Makes Us Different? A Culture of Care

Transforming your remodeling wish list into a reality is easier than ever in many ways, from DIY blogs to big box stores our industry has never felt more approachable or saturated. However, all of this information access can also be downright stifling. What if your aptitude for DIY projects stops at basic repairs and replacements? How do you weed through potential companies and contractors? Which services and skills should be non-negotiables?

The above questions plague many a homeowner, in fact, we think it’s more uncommon to approach a remodel without any trepidation. Your home is a financial investment; it’s wise to be cautious about who you trust with its improvement. At The Cabinet Store + Culina Design, our design ethos is to provide a culture of care for our clients. From the second you set foot in our showroom, we want you to know you’re in good hands.

When we finish a kitchen, living room, basement, or bathroom remodel, we want our clients to agree on two things with equal enthusiasm: they love their space and our design process. To ensure a seamless renovation experience, we do a few things differently from smaller companies and big box stores. Like Goldie Locks’ porridge, the size and scale of our business are just right! Our 6,000 square foot showroom in Apple Valley is where it’s all centered; it’s home to our full-time design team, and features curated displays of the products we carry.

Working with The Cabinet Store means having a small, knowledgeable team in your corner offering their expert advice, thorough plans, and practiced craftsmanship. Our designers partner with their clients throughout every step of the process, from the initial showroom meeting to in-home measurements to the final walkthrough. If you’re looking for an experienced crew operating from a brick and mortar building, we invite you to come stop by and talk remodeling with us (it’s our favorite topic, after all)!

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