Homeowners embarking upon a remodel face many decision-making forks in the road. One such dilemma? Choosing whether or not you should incorporate smart technology into your newly updated space. According to a survey conducted by Houzz, 45% of renovating homeowners are adding new systems and products that can be controlled by mobile devices or computers.

No matter what room you’re remodeling, there are endless ways to add current technology to your space. From lighting to security to entertainment to climate control, smart tech is rapidly improving and growing in popularity. Wondering which tech feature consumers gravitate towards most often? Security systems; 1/4 of all homeowners surveyed reported installing a safety-minded upgrade. Next on the list? A little fun! The second most popular investment for remodelers is entertainment systems.

While we know not all of our clients are interested in putting their home on the grid, we do think remodeling is the ideal time to consider technology’s role in your home. There is no better opportunity than a renovation to integrate new systems and structures; you might as well go for it while things are already getting torn apart and opened up!

In the end, a lot of smart technology is about making life a little easier through innovation. Little luxuries like motorized window coverings, voice automated speakers, and refrigerators with wifi aren’t all necessities, but they can be remarkably convenient and cool timesavers. It’s all about investing in the smart tech that matches your everyday lifestyle and needs!

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