There are a lot of huge positives about remodeling in this design-obsessed, HGTV-watching, DIY-centered age. Endless ideas, resources, and services are right at your fingertips, especially in a market as large as the Twin Cities. From small remodeling companies to showrooms to ‘Big Box’ stores, project options abound!

The only problem with this robust selection: deciphering who to trust and how much help you need. Sure, plenty of folks are handy enough to take on minor DIYs or know enough to design their own projects. However, most working adults don’t have the time or knowledge needed to manage a complete remodel.

At The Cabinet Store, we’d like the chance to earn your business. Our experienced team has over 150 years of combined experience in this industry. We’ve seen trends come and go, and pride ourselves on offering our clients a straight-forward and seamless design experience.

Want to know more about our services compared to ‘Big Box’ stores or discount online retailers? We asked one of our owners to answer a few of our customers’ most common questions!

What do The Cabinet Store’s in-store design services cost? What do I get?
We do designs in-store at no cost. We do ask, however, that you provide us with rough dimensions and photos of your space. Our designers will generate a computerized design and an estimated cost. 

What do you think is easy about working with The Cabinet Store?
Our experienced staff and no pressure approach ensure you are getting quality advice, design, and products for your project. We believe remodeling should be a fun experience, and we value our clients’ input. 

What are the downsides of remodeling or buying cabinets or countertops through a ‘Big Box’ store?
The three most significant disadvantages are inexperienced staff, outsourced contractors, and low-quality products. We work with a lot of customers who have had horrible experiences dealing with ‘Big Box’ stores, such as, constant delays and no remedies. The illusions of lower prices are untrue, too diverse, and have no real accountability.  

What are the potential downsides of buying cabinets or countertops on your own or through an online retailer?
Online retailers provide products that are imported, and these countries are often non-regulated for safety, quality, or environmental standards. They’re all about how fast and cheap things can be produced. In contrast, all of The Cabinet Store’s cabinets are KCMA certified and have received environmental stewardship awards. Most of our manufacturing partners are also based in the midwest or the U.S. The issue really comes down to quality and warranty. 

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