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Q&A: What Questions Should I Ask When Purchasing New Cabinets?

No one comes into our showroom as a blank slate. We know each of our clients has their own unique home, needs, and design concerns. Looking to buy new cabinets or countertops and have no idea where to begin? Well, then you’re in good company!

At The Cabinet Store + Culina Design, it’s our job to clear the confusion and lead you through the design planning and building process. A smart way to get started? Gathering together a list of all the questions you have for our design team.

You might be wondering then, what questions should I ask? Here’s a good list to build from:

  • Can you give me an estimated project timeline?
  • How long will we be without kitchen cabinets, appliances, and plumbing?
  • What does your payment schedule look like?
  • Could you describe the features and characteristics of your different cabinet lines?
  • Will the depth of my cabinets be changing (this happens a lot when adding new upper cabinets)?
  • What hardware or other accessories would be included?
  • What improvements could be made in my kitchen’s layout?
  • Are there any measurements I need to collect?
  • Can you help me narrow in on my design style?

Discussing options, creating plans, and making selections is typically the longest phase of any remodel. However, your patience upfront is rewarded later with organized, efficient design plans.

One last piece of advice from our team to keep in mind:

“Kitchen design is a bit like a new tattoo; you don’t want to tell the artist exactly what to create. It’s worthwhile to give your designer some creative freedom and see where they go with it. They might think of something you never considered that gives you everything you didn’t know you wanted!”

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