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The beginning stages of the remodeling process are all about questions. From making plans to coordinating schedules to picking out finishes – lots of questions are answered, and decisions get made. However, there’s a question at the end of any remodel that’s just as important to address: how do we care for this new kitchen?

Our clients invest a significant amount of their resources in remodeling. The last thing anyone wants is to damage their beautiful fresh cabinets or countertops. While we make it a priority to share this information with clients during the remodeling process, we figure it never hurts to provide a little refresher course.

Read on below for our essential tips for keeping your cabinets and countertops looking like new!

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All About Caring for Your Cabinets

Did You Know?
All wood naturally darkens with age. It’s just a part of the maturation process and nothing to worry over.

Moisture Matters
Wood is a naturally porous material, meaning it takes in and releases moisture. Again, this relationship to humidity is the reality of how wood behaves, so don’t be shocked if your wood goes through some minor seasonal adjustments.

Similar to your other wood furniture, your cabinets need a good dusting now and then. When dusting, use a polish-moistened or damp cloth – dry dusting can scratch your wood’s surface. Dust with the grain of the wood to avoid potential scratches.

Wipe up spills as they occur to avoid damage. Clean your cabinets with a soft, lint-free cloth using a mild detergent or soap and warm water. Dry your surfaces as soon as possible.

What to Avoid
Save the sponge for dish-duty! It collects grease and detergent that isn’t your wood’s friend. Also steer clear of bleach, ammonia, or abrasive cleaners and scouring pads, steel wool, powdered and oven cleaners.  Lastly, don’t drape wet towels directly over your cabinets, as the moisture can cause warping.

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All About Caring for Your Countertops

Keep it Cool
Natural stone countertops are prone to damage by sudden or excessive heat – use those hot pads and trivets!

All you need to clean your natural countertops is a soft cloth, warm water, and mild soap.

Chemical Free Zone
Keep your granite and quartz countertops clear of bleach, abrasive chemicals, scrubs, sealers, and other heavy-duty cleaners; they can damage the surface.

Besides harsh chemicals, it’s a good idea to protect your countertops from excessive heat from electric griddles, frying pans, and slow cookers. Better safe than sorry!

Thanks to our friends at Showplace Cabinets and Cambria Quartz for helping us with these tips!

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