Spring To-Do List | 5 Ideas for Your Home

Spring has officially arrived and warmer weather is on the way! To celebrate, we’re sharing five ideas to help you get a jump start on spring cleaning so you can spend more time enjoying the sunshine! Read on below for our best ideas to get your home in tip-top spring shape.

Spring Deep Cleaning
There’s no time like the present for rolling up your sleeves and cleaning with a little extra elbow grease! Clear and wash out the fridge, get the windows ready for letting in the spring breeze, and tackle any other seasonal tasks.

Cutting Out the Clutter
Since it’s spring cleaning time, why not take the opportunity to cut away the clutter? We all have excess stuff clogging up our precious space, reclaim your cabinets and storage in the name of organization!

Design Refreshes
Feeling like your home’s design scheme could use an update? Early spring is ideally suited for making small home updates. From a burst of fresh paint to replacing your kitchen hardware to a new tile backsplash – these little changes can go a long way.

DIY To-Do’s
Are there any lingering to-dos on your home project list? If you’re a DIY pro, we highly recommend knocking out those tasks now before it warms up! After all, when the warmer temperatures arrive, who wants to be worried about a to-do list?

Start Planning a Remodel
Lastly, if a remodel is on the horizon for your home, now is the time to get started! The pre-remodeling process involves a lot of researching, planning, and exploring, which are all great ways to pass the time before spring comes in earnest. Need help getting your remodel going? Contact our team – we’ll get you on the right track!

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