Remodeling your kitchen?  Looking for a little kitchen refresh?  Consider adding (or updating) a tile backsplash.  The sky’s the limit for material choices, colors, and patterns.  And the easy-wipe-down aspect is a nice bonus.

But where to start?

While we can’t walk you through the endless options of tile varieties online (we can in our showroom!), we can offer a few tips.  Take heed and have fun creating your tile masterpiece!

1. Choose a Focal Point.  Draw the eye in by creating a focal point around your cooking area (stove) or over the sink.  Choose a more expensive, intriguing tile (you know, the one you can’t keep your eye off of) for your focal point, and balance the rest of the wall with a less expensive accent tile in a neutral or monochromatic scheme.

2.  Pair Patterns with Solids. Complex or colorful tile arrangements look best with solid countertops, and vice versa.  So if you’re hoping for a tile backsplash that makes a dramatic statement, make sure your countertops are a bit tamer in design.

3.  Don’t Be Afraid of Angles.  Changing the layout of a more standard tile (say, using a subway tile installed at a diagonal angle) is a great way to create a unique, high-end look on an affordable budget.

4.  Go For It. While a solid tile is typically serene and safe, if you want some pizazz in your kitchen, this is a great place to fit it in.  Whether it’s a solid white backsplash with some sparkle, a black and white combo pattern, or that Italian art-inspired tile you love, this is a small space worthy of big impact.

5.  Give It a Try.  Take home a tile or two from collections you’re considering and tape them to your wall.  Live with them for awhile to get a better sense of your long term feelings.

If you are ready to get started, stop into our showroom to view our extensive collection of tile samples and chat with a designer!

Kitchen Back splash Tile Mixing and Ideas

Kitchen Backsplash Tile Tan Subway

Backsplash kitchen tile cream and white cabinets

Kitchen backsplash tile matte

white glossy kitchen blackspash tile

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