Cabinet Storage Ideas

Your cabinets can be an important home storage tool, making your kitchen work more efficiently for you.  Today, cabinets are more customizable than ever!  Check out our seven great cabinet storage customization ideas:

  • Pantry Pull Outs: If your pantry is your home’s built-in grocery store, you understand the importance of a well-organized space!  Take full advantage of your pantry by installing pull out shelves and organizers to help you better divide your space and take advantage of all available areas.
  • Base Cabinet Organizers: Base cabinet organizers can be used to effectively store everything from dishes to table linens in your lower level cabinets.  Utilize a peg board option to divide a deep drawer for the easy storage of multiple items.
  • Cutlery Tray: Avoid wasting the vertical space in your drawer underneath your cutlery with a built-in tray.  Sliding cutlery storage allows you to easily access the space underneath your silverware.
  • Mixer Lift: Do you love to use your heavy duty kitchen mixer but hate to lift it out of your cabinets and onto your counter?  Consider installing a custom mixer lifter in one of your base cabinets – a handy tool that takes the heavy lifting out of baking.
  • Vertical Space: Make better use of vertical space by installing vertical organizers.  Vertical storage is particularly useful for cookie trays, baking sheets, or cutting boards.
  • Lazy Susan Corner: Install a Lazy Susan corner cabinet to make good use of space that may not otherwise be utilized.  This convenient option makes reaching all your ingredients a breeze!
  • Glide Out Waste Basket Storage: Keep your trash and recycling tucked away with glide out trash storage trays built into your cabinets.  Trash storage is available in a range of sizes and variations.

Take a look at a few of our favorite organization ideas below, and stop by The Cabinet Store + Culina Design located in Apple Valley, MN today for inspiration and additional customization options!

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  1. I like your idea of making a pantry pull-out to utilize the available space in your kitchen. I want my kitchen remodeled soon so I can have extra storage space for my needs. I hope I can find a contractor that specializes in pull-out storage systems soon.

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