4 Simple Tips for Identifying Your Style

You’ve decided you’re ready to remodel, but one obstacle remains; you’re having trouble identifying your design style. Maybe you haven’t had time, are craving a design change, or have always just mixed and matched trends. Intentionally determining your style can provide immense remodeling clarity. Knowing what you like and dislike is empowering. It can also create a guideline and reference key for planning your project.

Decision making is an enormous part of any remodel. Honing in on and identifying your interior design style helps take the stress off of some of those hard choices. Want to discover your style, but are unsure of how to proceed? Below, we’ve compiled our suggestions for exploring and uncovering your interior design instincts. This list is a great starting-off point, but don’t forget to relax and have fun!

1. Research Online

The internet is practically bursting with helpful and informative design guides! Start by researching interior design summaries. Take your time browsing, perhaps even jot down notes about what styles you like the most. From there, start collecting images on Pinterest or Houzz that reflect the styles and trends that interest you.

2. Take a Quiz

Once you’ve tried your hand at browsing, your next step might be trying out a few high-quality quizzes. While you’re not obligated to take the results to heart, they could help reveal new insight on what you enjoy and why. Most major design websites and blogs offer style quizzes but one of our favorites is from Havenly, which gives you detailed insights into your style preferences.

3. Visit Our Showroom

After you’ve done your research and filled out a few surveys, the next logical step could be seeing materials and finishes in person. A quality showroom’s staff should be well-informed, unfazed by your questions, and never put you under pressure. If you don’t feel comfortable or get a good vibe somewhere, then leave—simple as that! Showroom visits should be fun and enlightening, not stressful and manipulative.

The Cabinet Store + Culina Design Showroom

4. Be True to Yourself

One last note: throughout the entire style-finding process, be true to your sense of self. In the end, you’re the person that’s going to live in your home every day. You’re the only one that needs to feel comfortable there. Don’t let yourself get talked into trends that don’t reflect your taste. Discovering your style should be informative. It allows you to be guided by experts and professionals but gives you the ultimate authority to decide what you want.

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