Design Trends: 5 Reasons We Love Main Level Bars!

Bars aren’t just for the basement anymore! A growing design trend has seen built-in bars and beverage stations become a fantastic addition to any main level, kitchen, or dining room. Whether youre an avid barista, a wine connoisseur, or enjoy mixing a good cocktail, a beverage station or bar will serve you well. We love this trend because it’s not just pretty; it’s practical. From extra storage to entertaining space, read on below for five benefits of adding a main level bar to your home!

1. More Storage
From K-cups to Nespresso pods to wine glasses to coffee mugs to barware, beverages come with many accessories these days. A bar or beverage station is an excellent spot to store everything together, so it’s ready when you need it and out of your way when you don’t!

2. Safety First
If you have kids or host littles ones, then you know the perils of kid-proofing. A bar keeps fragile glassware, dangerous substances, and scalding espresso machines away from mischievous hands; you can even lock things away for extra peace of mind.

3. Host-Friendly
It’s fun to host with style! Is anything classier than shaking someone a craft cocktail, serving made-to-order lattes with brunch, or pouring a cold beer from your own tap? A beverage station or bar is a host’s secret weapon!

4. Bonus Buffet
When it comes to holiday gatherings or big parties, we love that bars easily double as a buffet area or serving space. And, of course, they’re also perfect low-prep beverage stations, especially if your mini-fridge is already stocked.

5. Fridge Space
Does a large portion of your fridge space get taken up by different beverages? A beverage station mini-fridge is an ideal way to free up space! Move all that soda and sparkling water out of the way to a handy spot where family and friends can serve themselves as they please!

Ready to start planning your custom bar or beverage station? Connect with our team anytime – we’d love to help you get started!

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