Quartz Vs. Granite Countertops: Which is Right for Your Kitchen?

When it comes to remodeling, few finishes spark more passionate opinions than the quartz vs. granite countertops debate. While there are other choices you might consider, quartz and granite are by far the most popular options right now. If your preference isn’t clear or you’re questioning either material’s performance, then investigating the pros and cons of each is a worthwhile pursuit.

Need a crash course on basic countertop costs, maintenance, and styles? Then you’re in the right place; read on below for our rendition of Intro to Countertops 101!

Cost of Countertops

Right off the bat, let’s cover what matters most to our clients: the price. In general, you get what you pay for with either option. Different manufacturers provide a range of price points. That means you could pay a lot for high-end granite or quartz from one dealer, or you could find more affordable options from another. The bottom line? The size of your space and the number of countertops you need can steer your decision — material costs and savings tend to become evident in larger kitchens.

Countertop Designs

The sky is the limit when it comes to quartz designs. If you can dream it, someone has probably created it! Conversely, granite is known for its lovely natural patterns and texture. We recommend viewing any granite before buying it since the pattern is naturally occurring and specific to that slab. In contrast, you can count on your chosen quartz design to resemble showroom samples because it’s designed to look a certain way. When it comes to beautiful and unique designs, our favorite is locally made Cambria Quartz. They are true leaders in design, quality, and product innovation.

Countertop Performance

Kitchens are hubs of activity, and countertops are ground zero. Food prep can be a messy affair, so your countertops need to be up to the challenge! Granite is porous, while quartz is non-porous and designed to resist absorbing moisture and spills. Granite is also more brittle than quartz and is prone to breaking and cracking, which could cover costly repairs down the line. You really can’t beat the durability of quartz!

Countertop Maintenance

When selecting countertop styles, upkeep and cleaning requirements need to be considered. Manufacturers and dealers supply instructions for maintaining their products, but quartz and granite definitely require different care levels. If you’re looking for easier cleanup and want to avoid annual sealing, periodic disinfecting, and buying specific cleaners, then quartz is probably more your speed.

Still can’t decide which is better suited to your home? Our team of experienced designers is here to help. Stop by our Apple Valley showroom or contact us to get started. In the meantime, scroll below for some countertop inspiration!

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  1. I have a friend who’s planning to do a major kitchen renovation, and he wants to make sure that it’ll look attractive once the process is done. Your suggestion of getting quartz countertops since they can give an elegant and clean look throughout their lifetime is very interesting. I’ll go ahead and recommend this to him as soon as we meet again.

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