2023 Trends Our Designers are Seeing

At The Cabinet Store + Culina Design, our greatest resource is our design team. Carly, Naomi, Alicia, and Cristine are all talented, resourceful, and experienced creatives. Part of what they offer clients is their knowledge of our industry, products, technology, and trends. Before we get too far into 2023, we thought it would be helpful and fun to highlight the trends our designers see on the rise. Whether you’re dreaming about remodeling this year or starting to make plans, their insight will help you navigate the design world. Scroll below to read the four trends they’re seeing so far in 2023!

Mixing and Matching
Clean, white kitchens are falling by the wayside for shaking things up! More homeowners are mixing and matching classic wood stains with painted cabinets (even bold colors like pink or red). The results create a beautiful contrast of materials and tones that draw the eye throughout a room and offer plenty of visual interest! Here are a few examples of this trend:


Scandinavian Design 
This trend is ideal for minimalists who still want their space to feel warm and inviting. Nordic-inspired design focuses on quality materials and furnishings – things that will stand the test of time. Hallmarks of Scandinavian design include white walls, light colors, natural, white, or bleached-looking wood stains, clean lines, cozy textures, and bringing the outdoors in. Here are a few examples of this trend:


Larger Everything
Sometimes bigger really is better. From square footage to islands to pantries to appliances, everything seems to be expanding in kitchens these days! If you have the space or love hosting, this trend is a fantastic way to invest in your home. Who wouldn’t enjoy a super-sized center island with serving space, an expanded coffee/wine bar for guests, or a decked-out butler’s pantry for hidden meal prep? Here are a few examples of this trend:


Making a Statement
The functionality and design of your home should reflect you. If you’re full of life and personality, why wouldn’t your home be? Our designers love working with clients who have a vision and big ideas! Whether you prefer bold colors, one-of-a-kind products, geometric patterns, unique finishes, or dramatic light fixtures, we’re as game as you are to make a statement! Here are a few examples of this trend:

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  1. I’m wanting to start remodeling my kitchen next month and I want to have a more modern kitchen with more space. It’s good to know that open shelves are a big trend going forward and have an open and airy feel to them. I’ll see what kind of open shelving system I like and if it fits the big picture I’m going for.

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