2023 Kitchen Trends Minneapolis MN

What Are the Latest Kitchen Cabinet Trends in Minneapolis Right Now?

Minneapolis is a great place to live, with a little bit of everything when it comes to homes.  You can see a lot of differences in a home’s style and interior design, especially in older communities.  If you are looking for a brand new kitchen or want to spruce up an existing one, knowing what’s popular can help you.  In this article, we’ll explore the top kitchen cabinet trends in Minneapolis for 2023.  Here is how you can make sure your kitchen is on trend and looks its best. Sometimes, some minor updates are all it takes to make your kitchen look brand new.

The Latest Kitchen Cabinet Trends For 2023

Two-Toned Cabinetry

Two Toned CabinetsMismatched may be the first thing that comes to mind with two-toned words. However, this trend is very attractive.  It may not seem obvious, but it can bring a subtle variation into your kitchen.  Black and white cabinets are a classic combination of two colors that can create a timeless look. 

This two-tone trend in 2023 would mainly be pairing white with another color. Varieties might include white and blue, white and green, or white and any bold color.  Bold colors like red or orange are showing up again in 2023.

Glass Paneled Cabinetry

Glass paneled and stained glass cabinets are gaining popularity as one of the 2023 kitchen trends in Minnesota.  It might be an excellent way to bring light and space to your kitchen.  However, not be a great solution if you are looking for general storage that you want to hide from guests.  These cabinets bring a classic elegance, adding a touch of sophistication to a kitchen.  Stained glass can be especially appropriate for a historic home.

Darker Wood Stains & More Natural Wood

After years of light and white cabinetry, dark and natural wood might return in 2023 and beyond.  Regarding kitchen cabinets, hardwood colors can add a touch of old-world charm.  Darker colors make the room feel more intimate and inviting and create a dramatic effect.  This trend includes a dark stain, a natural wood tone, or a darker color design. 

Unique Accents For Cabinets

Natural wood cabinets.There is a resurgence of timeless classic details to a kitchen while adding modern touches and more light through windows and lighting.  The handles or hardware of your kitchen cabinetry always make a statement and can add a lot of style to a seemingly minor detail of your kitchen.  As with most aspects of your home, the best hardware balances form and function when you think of your kitchen.  You can create a wonderfully inviting space using a mixture of texture and color in your kitchen.

What Types of Kitchen Cabinets Can You Choose from in Minnesota?

Homeowners often dream of improving their kitchens.  Inspiration for your next kitchen can come from flipping through magazines or a neighbor’s new kitchen.  Whatever your reason, you might feel inspired to remodel your kitchen in 2023.

Find custom cabinets in Minneapolis at The Cabinet Store.  Get kitchen cabinets tailored to your exact specifications.  You can find everything you want—various styles for contemporary kitchen designs that add a modern and updated touch to your home.  Work with an expert to pick designer cabinets that make a statement and traditional looks that will make your kitchen shine.  There are always affordable kitchen cabinets in your budget.

How To Get Started With The Latest Kitchen Trends

2023 is the year of innovation and creativity in the kitchen.  Make the heart of your Minnesota home shine with a remodel.  With an array of new cabinet designs, you can create a modern, stylish, and functional kitchen that suits your needs.  From soft-closing drawers to high-quality finishes and unique colors.  Contact The Cabinet Store + Culina Design to start designing and remodeling your kitchen.  We have experts familiar with the latest trends that fit your Minneapolis home’s style.

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