Project Feature: Cabinet Reface

Last week we talked about the exciting improvement option that a cabinet reface offers.  Recently, we had the opportunity to apply our refacing skills to a fifteen-year old Apple Valley home.   As retired empty nesters, the homeowners loved both their neighborhood and their home – they just wanted to make some changes to update their space.  Thus, the couple approached us with the goal of updating the look of their kitchen and getting rid of their home’s overwhelming oak.

They preferred soft cream and felt that the lighter color opened up their home.  They went with a painted soft cream finish and a Covington style door.  They chose to reface their cabinets rather than replace them because the cabinets themselves were structurally sound.  In addition, the aesthetic improvement cost 30% less than the cost of installing new units.  By choosing to reface their cabinets they were able to preserve their beautiful granite countertops.  To finish off their look, the family selected a complimentary cherry wood island with autumn stain.  The end result was a beautifully renovated kitchen, and a project that came in at a fraction of the cost of a full remodel!  Contact us today to learn how to initiate your own cabinet reface!

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