The Cabinet Store Schedule

No one likes schedules that are vague or constantly change.  “The cable guy” has a reputation for making you wait — but here at The Cabinet Store, we don’t think you should have to.  Which is why we pride ourselves in running an on-time business, where sticking to a schedule is one of our top priorities.

Not only are we consistently on-time, but we’re fast too!  Our projects are often done in less time than our competitors.  We’re known for our “one-day installation,” a reality with most of our projects, compared to the three or four days another cabinet installer will generally take.  When your kitchen or bathroom is being remodeled, getting back to regular use of that room as quickly as possible is crucial; we know that saving you a few extra days can make a huge difference in the convenience of your living situation.

Our commitment to a timely project means:
• Once you place your order, the clock starts ticking: we have a schedule and we are accountable to you
• Projects are completed on-time and installed on-time or quicker than expected (most kitchen installs take just one day!)
• We leave the job site cleaner than we found it
• We make sure you are satisfied with a job well done

If you’re looking for a business you can trust and who has your best interest in mind, look no further than The Cabinet Store.  Remodeling projects impact your life in a big way, and we pride ourselves on being a smooth addition to your project, one you can count on.

Connect with us here at The Cabinet Store to get your Twin Cities MN cabinet and countertop project started today!  We hope you’ll stop by our amazing Apple Valley showroom to see what’s in store for your home and how we can help.

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