No doubt, granite is a beautiful thing.  Which is why more and more homeowners want the look and beauty of granite.  But what they don’t want is the high maintenance or the price tag.

Which is why CambriaCambria dealer Twin Cities MN — the high-quality engineered stone surface made of 93% pure quartz — is outperforming granite, and with good reason too.

Here’s why:

It’s Safer.  Unlike the less-solid granite, Cambria’s quartz is non-porous, which is particularly important in the kitchen, where it can resist stains and food-borne bacteria.  No worries about raw meat touching the Cambria countertop, because it won’t absorb the germs, whereas granite can harbor bacteria.

It’s More Resilient.  Cambria is more heat, scratch and strain-resistant than granite ever could be.  And while no product can promise to be completely unaffected by heat, scratches, or stains, Cambria clearly outperforms granite in all of these areas, and comes with a lifetime warranty too.

There’s no Maintenance.  Cambria never needs sealing, unlike most granite, which has to be sealed every year (and is even then still porous). Cambria, which boasts 93 percent quartz, seven percent resin, and only added color, takes the high quality and durability of natural quartz and engineers it to be even more practical.

The Options are Amazing.  Cambria comes in more than 120 colors, from simple to elaborate, with a wide range of them resembling granite.  (View the color selections here).  Even better, what you see is what you’ll get, meaning the colors are consistent to their samples. Granite on the other hand can vary — since it is quarried you can never guarantee two pieces will look alike.  Cambria also offers a great variety of decorative edge cuts, currently 19, which can be seen here.

Want to learn more about Cambria?  Check out their website here,  and then stop by our beautiful showroom today to check out the variety that Cambria has to offer!

The Cabinet Store is an official Cambria dealer and offers a wide array of high quality cabinet and countertop products.  We specialize in kitchen design, bathroom design, and cabinetry and countertop for any room of your home!  Serving the Twin Cities MN, including Apple Valley, Bloomington, Eagan, Minneapolis, and beyond — contact us or stop by today!

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